Dismiss or carry responsibility! – Statement by “Samopomich”

On September 27 the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities once again raised the tariffs for non-domestic consumers by 10%. Thus, this has been the third increase since May of this year; a total increase makes up almost 27%.

This increase will be a burden on business, public and state-owned enterprises and institutions. This will secure additional 25 billion hryvnias per year for those who are behind the scandalous and extortionate decisions of the Energy Regulator.

At the same time, the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities is raising tariffs for the population arguing it with the need to make them equal with the tariffs for non-residential customers. But if one tariffs are growing and so do the other tariffs, they will never be equal – that’s elementary mathematics, of which the head of the Commission, Dmytro Vovk, is not aware.

Such a growth results into a rise in prices for goods and it becomes a burden for all Ukrainians. For example, in the tariff for water electricity accounts for 40% of the prime cost.

“Samopomich” calls on the President of Ukraine to either immediately dismiss Dmytro Vovk because of his unprofessional actions, or to publicly take responsibility for all the scandalous decisions of the National Commission and the tariff policy in Ukraine as a whole.

We also consider it a big mistake and condemn the actions of the deputies of some factions that did not support the proposal of “Samopomich” to have full rotation of the Commission when considering the “Law on the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities”. We call on the deputies to get back to this issue as soon as possible, to introduce changes to the new law and have a full rotation of the members of the Commission within 6 months.

We are appealing to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau to investigate the corruption scandals connected with the Energy Regulator and its officials. Recent publications in the media and journalist investigations tell a lot about the activities of some leaders of the Commission.

Don’t make the whole country pay “additional tip” to Akhmetov and Hryhoryshyn or other oligarchs! It is time we put an end to this, and the perpetrators must be held responsible!

Lev Pidlisetskyj
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