Statement of the Samopomich Union Fraction to diplomatic missions of foreign states and representative offices of the international organizations

The primary purpose of establishing the United Nations and other international organizations was to cherish and maintain international peace and security, based on respect for human rights, democracy, rule of law, and inviolability of the state borders. Ukraine has aspired to these principles of post-war world order, being deeply convinced, that they apply equally and are obligatory for every actor of international relations.

The war of Russia against Ukraine, manifested in illegal annexation of Crimea and occupation of parts of Luhansk and Donetsk oblast, exposed unequivocally that the world order is shaped not by these principles, but by the power any given country is capable to execute.

Due to this UN was incapable to recognize Russian military aggression and occupation of Ukrainian territory, notwithstanding the power to do so foreseen in its Charter. Military, financial, and propaganda supremacy of Russia has silenced the world and forced it not to see the obvious – that the Russian Federation is the occupying power and that it has obligations under Geneva Conventions, which establish the legal regime of occupation and conduct of the occupying power.

Under pressure of international community, dictated by fear of Russia, the constitutional order of Ukraine was undermined: despite apparent Russian military intervention in Ukraine, active military operations at the territory of Ukraine, 10 000 people who fell in battles, in violation of the straightforward imperative, found in the Constitution of Ukraine, the martial law was not imposed. This fact not only undermines the legitimacy of the state authorities in Ukraine, but also triggers systematic human rights violations both on the government-controlled and occupied territories of Ukraine.

Samopomich Union Fraction highly appreciates the concern of international community regarding human rights observation in Ukraine, including its occupied territories. It must be stressed however, that non-recognition of the Russian occupation by international community frees Russia from fulfilling any obligations set in the Hague and Geneva Conventions, including obligations towards the population of the occupied territories. Moreover, by not recognizing Russian occupation the world deprives people who reside in the occupied territories of the legal protection, remedies, and some basic guarantees, foreseen by international humanitarian law.

1.5 million refugees, who fled their homes because of the war and occupation, became “internally displaced people”. The world deprived these people as well of the right to demand compensation from the occupying power, because occupation is not recognized.

The trade with the occupied territories became possible as a direct consequence of non-recognition of the Russian occupation. Such a trade destabilizes Ukrainian society. As a civil protest and outpouring of the revolt, citizens of Ukraine initiated the blockade of this trade, thus executing their constitutional obligation to protect Ukraine.

Samopomich Union Fraction is astonished by the position of the international community, which encourages trade with the occupying power. Obviously, addressing the issue of the civilians, who suffer from blockade, is not a well-rounded argument. Trade with occupied territories strengthens the Russian occupation regime and enriches the oligarchs, who constitute the main source of political corruption in Ukraine.

Among all state institutions, the army is the only one, which enjoys trust of Ukrainians. Non-recognition of the occupation and trade with the occupied territories destroys the Ukrainian army and swamps it into corruption, as well as ruins its credibility. If citizens of a country, which is de-facto in a state of war, loses trust in army, it means nothing but final demolition of the constitutional order in a country. Devaluation of the mission of army to protect the country is a hazard to the Ukrainian statehood.

Perplexity of the international system of collective security and slacking of the state legal order force Ukraine to seek its own solutions to the challenges dictated by state security and human rights. Recognition of the Russian occupation is the only way to renew the constitutional order and legitimacy of the state institutions. It is also the only way to protect the statehood of Ukraine.

Samopomich Union Fraction underlines the urgency to recognize the fact of Russian occupation of both Crimea and parts of Luhansk and Donetsk oblast in order to protect the Ukrainian state and its people, including people who reside on the occupied territories, to stop trade with the occupational power and to stop destruction of the army.

Samopomich Union Fraction stresses that without such a decision Ukraine will soon be colonized by Russia, the main consequence of which is further spread of Russian aggression in the world.

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