Zubach: We must stop the creeping curtailing of decentralization

Draft law 7266-1, which the Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading, on the transfer, termination or temporary suspension of the powers of the state bodies of architectural and construction control is one of the elements of curtailing decentralization.

Now, this is happening in the field of architectural and construction control. This was stated by MP Liubomyr Zubach from the Samopomich faction.

He notes, “I heard some speakers talking about low professional level on the ground and the high corruption risks among local governments. This surprises me a lot. Now the communities do not allow there be such corruption as before. I remember the times when architectural and construction inspections worked only at the regional level, and I can compare it with the way their activities are organized now. Nowadays there is no such construction mafia.”

According to him, 7266-1 provides for the possibility of stopping the powers of local self-government in the field of architectural and construction control at the request of the so-called chief inspectors. The parliamentarian notes, “Practice shows that it is not possible to appeal against the orders of these chief inspectors today. Therefore, there is a risk that those who will not be “obedient”, will have their powers suspended.

That was the intention. But the deputies of Samopomich succeeded to defend the amendment which removed this rule. We will closely monitor the final wording and then decide on additional amendments in order to make the document completely safe for local governments. This is our main task.”

The MP urges to put an end to the creeping curtailment of decentralization and reminds that budget decentralization is already being sabotaged, because very many financial obligations have been already transferred to local self-government.

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