Zubach: The people of Ukraine deserve a much more professional and decent government than the one they have today

The Samopomich faction demands to immediately introduce for the parliament’s consideration the issue of extraordinary elections in those communities where there is no legitimate power in connection with the death or resignation of the leader. This requirement of the political force was voiced by MP Liubomyr Zubach.

“If we are a European country and want to be part of the European community not only geographically but also de jure, we have absolutely no right to neglect this constitutional right of citizens, the right to choose the authorities they deserve. And the society and people of Ukraine deserve a much more professional and decent government than the one they have today.”

Zubach notes that many people are simply deprived of the right to choose when it comes to early elections in local communities.

“Recently it has been two years since the death of the Mayor of Lutsk, Mykola Romaniuk. There are about two hundred communities in Ukraine where there is no legitimate authority. In a civilized country, elections would have to be scheduled automatically. But in Ukraine, the Verkhovna Rada is ignoring this issue. The President of Ukraine is ignoring this issue as well, even though he is promoting himself through the topic of decentralization during the election campaign. The same is with the Prime Minister of Ukraine, who considers himself the father of decentralization, but is, in fact, rather a stepfather who has long forgotten about his child. We insist that this issue must be addressed immediately.”

While ignoring the early elections to local communities, the authorities are preparing the ground for the future vote buying.

“The President of Ukraine, who must be the guarantor of the Constitution, the guarantor of the rights and freedoms of citizens, including the right to choose, is using the administrative resource in full swing. Election headquarters are actually created on the basis of regional and state administrations, there are whole schemes of bribing voters launched, moreover, the cynicism is in the fact that this is done under the pretext of collecting signatures in support of joining the EU and NATO. This is not to mention the Prosecutor General of Ukraine who comes to the ceremony for the nomination of the presidential candidate and illegally campaigns for him. This is scandalous!” Liubomyr Zubach is outraged.

“Our officials love to talk about the success of decentralization. While it is true that there is a certain success, this success is due to those people who are working in the communities and showing a new quality of governance – the way Andriy Sadovyi is doing this Lviv, the way mayors of many other Ukrainian cities are doing. But whatever depends on the central authority is being frankly ignored.”

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