Zubach: “Decentralization in Transcarpathia is being openly and brazenly blocked”

Following his working visit to the Transcarpathia region, Samopomich MP Liubomyr Zubach addressed Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman with a request to appeal to the President of Ukraine regarding the dismissal of the chairman of the regional state administration Hennadiy Moskal from his post. The reason for such a request is the fact that this state administration is blocking decentralization in the region.

“What is going on with decentralization in Transcarpathia is a total disgrace,” says the MP. “This is the only region that doesn’t have a long-term plan for uniting communities, where decentralization is being openly and brazenly blocked by the regional state administration. The state administration should be the one implementing the state policy; meanwhile, all it is doing is exactly the opposite.”

He continues, “The reasons we hear are ridiculously diverse – ranging from “the care” about district budgets to the national peculiarities of the Transcarpathia region. In fact, the explanation is absolutely simple – it is the unwillingness of state officials to lose power, to transfer powers and resources to the united territorial communities. When a united territorial community is created, the district state administration loses part of the budget since the duty to finance medicine and education is transferred to the united community.”

Therefore, Volodymyr Hroisman, who will be traveling to Transcarpathia these days, should demonstrate real support for decentralization in the region and send an appeal to the President of Ukraine on the dismissal of the chairman of the Transcarpathia regional state administration. “Otherwise, I will treat this as the inaction of the Prime Minister and connivance of Hennadiy Moskal’s actions,” Liubomyr Zubach emphasizes.

He believes, “The time for persuasion and other “ritual dances” is over. It is necessary to solve the problem! If the central authorities care about the country, they have to tame the negligent official.”

The people’s deputy concludes, “Together with the local organization of Samopomich we have decided to work jointly on the problematic issues of the process of uniting communities in the region.”

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