They are trying to create a garbage blockade in Zolochiv – Zubach

The pressure on the city of Zolochiv in the Lviv region does not cease. In the morning, so-called activists blocked the entrance road to a local landfill. According to the mayor of Zolochiv Ihor Hrynkiv, this is a real political reprisal against the mayor and the community.

We shall recall that the mayor of Zolochiv has been on hunger strike for 25 days protesting against corruption, lawlessness and unauthorized construction in the historic part of the city. Meanwhile, the district authorities are not doing anything to protect the community, and are even accusing the mayor who is protesting against the illegal construction of destabilizing the situation.

MP Liubomyr Zubach called on the law enforcement agencies to see to the problem and immediately unlock the landfill:

“Unfortunately, our central government has learned nothing after its attempts to arrange a garbage blockade of Lviv and destroy the largest Ukrainian-speaking city of Ukraine. They did not succeed, people managed to stand up to such an attack. Zolochiv will also stand up to the attack. I am publicly appealing to the chairman of the Lviv Regional State Administration asking him to deal with the chairman of the district administration, otherwise, I will assume that all this is done under the former’s guidance. I also demand from the Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov to make sure that the law enforcers urgently unblock the landfill, otherwise the community of Zolochiv will do this on their own,” said the MP.

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