Heat payments reduced by 20-30% – a fairy tale? Actually, a reality for many residents of Cherkasy!

Today I had a busy day in Cherkasy.

In the morning, I met with employees of the local heating company and the water utility company.

I am pleasantly amazed at the level of professionalism of the management of Cherkasyteplokomunenergo company. They can boast of their active position, cooperation with the EBRD, new standards of the enterprise operation. And the result is immediately visible. Technological losses at the enterprise are minimized, the scheme of interaction with consumers has been optimized, individual heating units have been established in a large part of apartment buildings.

As it turned out it, it is possible to reduce the amount of payment for heat by 20-30%. I think this is a good example to follow.

Meanwhile, there is an absolutely different situation in Smila.

Municipal property was leased to Energoservice private enterprise. For years, businessmen have been collecting money from people. This money has not been paid to Naftogaz, but stolen instead.

Later, when Naftogaz stopped providing gas, gas was taken from private traders, but still with the same criminal result.

What are the local authorities doing? Why was the lease agreement for heating networks and boiler houses not terminated? Where were the law enforcement officers, given the obvious signs of economic crimes in this situation in Smila? Unfortunately, these are rhetorical questions. And the consequences are very sad. It is cold in the apartments, it is cold in the kindergartens and schools. The hospital has been evacuated, because the temperature in the wards is +6…

It is difficult to say what can be done in such a neglected situation. The “Kyiv option” could be used as an emergency measure. After all, the state budget did cover part of the debts of Kyiv for the gas for heating. Why can’t this be done in relation to Smila as well?

We insist that the officials, who for years have been passively watching the crime in Smila, must come up with specific measures for the frozen city in order to let people have heating in their homes and the utility companies to avoid a technological catastrophe.

The rest of the citizens should bear in mind the negative example of Smila. Everyone should admit that we must be active and protect our rights in a timely manner. Otherwise, our children will live like cavemen, whereas immoral businessmen will keep stealing from us.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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