There was no hacking into the system of e-declarations, Kostenko

On Friday, August 27, it was reported there had been “hacking” into the system of e-declarations, a false declaration allegedly filed by a member of the National Agency for Corruption Prevention, Ruslan Riaboshapka, was demonstrated .
However, as established at the meeting of the of National Agency for Corruption Prevention, there had been no unauthorized interference with the electronic declaration system.
“In fact, due to the valid digital signature a false declaration of Riaboshapka had been filed. This electronic declaration signature file was officially registered by the key certification center of the state enterprise “Ukrainian Special Systems”, and therefore the signature was valid,” said MP Pavlo Kostenko, who together with community activists attended the meeting of the Agency.
Now it is the duty of the law enforcement agencies to establish who and on what basis issued the valid electronic key in the name of Ruslan Riaboshapka to the so-called “hackers”.
“The state being the structure which should prevent any fraud in the system of e-declarations actually turned out to be an initiator of the process aimed at discrediting the system. Therefore, all the officials who have anything to do with this outrageous incident should resign, and the law enforcement agencies must assess these developments,” concluded Kostenko.

Pavlo Kostenko
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