Fire in the “Victoria” camp personifies all corruption in Ukraine

Parents of the children who died in the Odesa camp “Victoria” are now looking for the truth in the Ukrainian parliament and are demanding creation of a provisional investigatory commission that will investigate this tragedy. It took place on September 16, 2017, three children died in the fire.

Mother of a killed girl called Snizhana says that she sent her child to rest and had only a closed coffin returned back to her. No proper work has been done at the scene of fire, no real perpetrators have been punished. During the martial law period a gathering of reserve officers was organized there, and now the Odesa authorities are going to open the camp again.

A year and a half have passed since the tragedy, but there are still no clear results from the investigation or the conclusions of the examinations. Not only has the state failed to ensure an effective pre-trial investigation, but the law enforcement agencies are now trying to hush up the case as much as possible.

Mother of another dead child blames the senior officials of the Odesa City Council for the tragedy. And she provides evidence:

“An independent international expertise was conducted, the results are shocking. It turns out the investigation transferred cases to the court without establishing the cause of the fire. The international examination identified the cause of the fire and established huge violations in the design and construction of the Victoria camp. And we had been told that was the best camp in Ukraine.”

The parents of the victims want not just to punish the guilty ones but to prevent the recurrence of similar tragedies in the future. They are supported by the Deputy Speaker of the parliament Oksana Syroyid and Samopomich deputy Taras Pastukh.

“The parents have lived through two tragedies – the loss of children and the loss of hope that a fair investigation of this tragedy is possible,” said the Deputy Speaker. “The parliament is not only for pressing buttons, MPs must react to what hurts society and hurts people. Especially when other institutions do not respond to this properly.

We should not just remember this tragedy, I want us to bring the investigation of this tragedy to completion and to have the perpetrators punished,” says Oksana Syroyid.

Taras Pastukh says, “Children of prosecutors, deputies, teachers, doctors cannot feel safe. The grief of the parents of the children who died in “Victoria” should unite us all so as not to have this story forgotten and not to have some rank and file people thrown under the bus, but to actually punish the guilty ones. This story should be a lesson for us, a tragic reminder that we must ensure safety of our children.”

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