Statement of the Volyn branch on resignation of two deputies from the party

On April 12, two deputies of the Volyn regional council, Konstiantyn Zinkevych and Borys Babiychuk, resigned from the Samopomich faction.
Members of the executive committee of the Samopomich Union in the Volyn region appealed to the party’s executive committee regarding the expulsion of Konstiantyn Zinkevych and Borys Babiychuk from the party and their removal from the leadership of the district representations of the party.
“We are addressing the party leadership asking to dismember and remove these deputies from the duties of the heads of the Volodymyr-Volynsk and Novovolynsk local organizations,” said Yuliya Vusenko, head of the executive committee of the Volyn regional branch of the Samopomich Union political party. The control commission will clarify the circumstances that led to the resignation of these deputies. I think that this might be connected with the pressure on representatives of our party which has intensified recently throughout the country. Despite the fact that Samopomich faction has ceased to exist in the Volyn regional council, we will continue to defend the interests of Volyn.”

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