Samopomich statement about the pressure exercised onto the first deputy chairperson of the Lviv regional council, Paraskeviya Dvorianyn

There is an ongoing war in our country. This is the time when we must be united as never before. In Ukraine, there is a political force that is uniting people who stand for the truth, and is stepping up the confidence of Ukrainians in the authorities. Due to the firm believes of our faction and the reluctance of others to give up corruption schemes, Samopomich is being under pressure and political persecution. The first deputy chairperson of the Lviv regional council, Paraskeviya Dvorianyn, has become another object of pressure.

We shall recall that she had refused to sign the protocol with the results of the contest of the State Fund for Regional Development. This happened for the first time in the history of the regional council. Our colleague did not agree with the plan to provide 43% of all funds for capital construction and repairs – and this is 220 million hryvnias – to only 4 districts out of 20. Paraskeviya Dvorianyn publicly condemned this oligarchical split up of the state money.

Samopomich has always insisted that the community should see a clear list of budget expenditures. We have introduced such a practice in medicine. After a year of struggle, the first deputy chairperson of the council finally made the region’s leadership publish in the hospitals the lists with the remnants of free medicines. This made it impossible to speculate with the medicines that are procured for budgetary funds.

Samopomich does not allow squandering the communal property of the community of the region. Communal property is often sold at frankly too low prices. So the community loses the facilities necessary for education and medical spheres, while the development budget of the region fails to receive the millions it could be receiving. We have put an end to a number of such scams.

A transparent program of micro-projects competition was developed. People believed in it, and almost 700 projects in various cities and villages of the region have been implemented. These are comfortable schools, kindergartens, medical and obstetric centre, libraries and illuminated streets. This year Paraskeviya Dvorianyn was dismissed from the post of the co-chairperson of the competition’s council to make it possible to promote the schemes beneficial for the chosen ones.

For each fact of corruption we are drafting the corresponding appeal to the National Anti-Corruption Court and the Prosecutor’s Office.

Despite the pressure and persecution, we will adhere to the ideology and values of Samopomich. No intimidation will make us retreat, will affect the results of voting, will make us turn a blind eye to the blatant gaps in the draft decisions, or will change our position. We will not allow anyone to devalue the devoted work of the first deputy chairperson Paraskeviya Dvorianyn, humiliate her as a person, as a woman, and as a politician. Her removal from the post will only demonstrate the weakness of our colleagues, and will become another attempt to publicly crack down a constructive political power.

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