Statement of the Samopomich Union regarding the public events with the participation of Viktor Yanukovych

Samopomich deputies are addressed by the media with a request for comments on the public events with the participation of Viktor Yanukovych. Therefore Samopomich states the following:
1. For Ukrainians Yanukovych is neither a news maker, nor an opinion leader to be looked at and commented on. Ukrainians are interested in Yanukovych’s being persecuted, not in what he thinks about it.
2. All the ado created by the media around these events indicates the immaturity of Ukrainian media and politicians and their lack of interest in maintaining the credibility of the state.
3. Yanukovych with his “ostriches” or “hand luggage” is used in Ukraine only as a smokescreen to conceal the important (for example the absence of the promised visa-free regime).
4. It is already clear that Yanukovych will not be punished by the current government – the judges, the prosecutors, and the oligarchs who actually run the state. Obviously, the current head of the state is not interested in his punishment either. Yanukovych must be punished and this is to be done by the authorities independent from the oligarchic influence.

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