Statement of the Samopomich faction: STOP TERROR AGAINST PEOPLE
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In recent weeks, one could have traced a tendency of abundant resorting to the use of force by law enforcement agencies, the engagement of people without identification marks for conduction of operations, and the intervention of policemen into the work of the legislature. A series of events in different parts of Ukraine form a comprehensive picture of terror against Ukrainian people, violations of people’s rights to peaceful assembly, while using law enforcement agencies to protect pro-Russian assemblies, as well as raider schemes.

On March 15, coalition deputies from the People’s Front illegally brought 4 policemen into the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada, so the Vice Speaker of the parliament had to suspend the meeting. That same day, all the participants in the “police intervention” were awarded orders and promoted by the President and the Minister of Internal Affairs. Prior to that day, one of the participants in the “intervention” – a policeman whose surname is Holuban – was famous for his involvement in the violent measures against the blockade of trade with the occupied territories. It is head of the Donetsk National Police Abroskin who was personally in charge of those measures.

Almost instantly, information about the relation of policeman Holuban to the Russian occupation forces and his participation in the war against Ukraine appeared. Moreover, the information was disclosed by the former head of the Alfa special unit of the Security Service of Ukraine in the Donetsk region, who had sided with the occupation authorities in 2014. Subsequently, a video was published, in which one can sees that Holuban commanded a division of the occupation forces in the spring of 2014.

This aroused indignation among people, which resulted in rallies against the Interior Ministry with the requirements of the investigation, dismissal of Holuban from his post, and punishment for those guilty. In response, on April 10, the national police detained the protesters, demonstratively using a disproportionate force against the peaceful assembly.

At the same time, unknown people wearing uniform without identification signs detained and took to Popasniansk police station four observers from a redoubt in the Luhansk region, which previously was in charge of the blockade of trade with the occupied territories. When the Order of the President on the termination of trade with the occupied territories was issued, only 4 observers remained at the redoubt, moreover, the movement of trains in this direction is impossible due to the damage of the railway. Obviously that this disproportionate use of force by law enforcement agencies is aimed at intimidation of people and destabilization of the situation in the country.

On the same day, April 10, in Odesa there was an incident which is different in its essence, but has the same effect on stimulating people’s indignation. An explicitly pro-Russian rally in Odesa was guarded by the national police, while this very police used force against the people, who expressed indignation about this rally, and defended the pro-Russian activists.

Also, the authorities are hushing up about the events in Poltava on April 6, where as a result of an illegal seizure of a part of a residential house (organized by the deputies of the city council from the Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction) a conflict arose between the tenants of the house, who resisted the illegal seizure. With the support of people, the inhabitants systematically prevented the illegal seizures, but during the events of the last week, “titushky” were involved into the conflict. As a result of their involvement, two veterans of the war with Russia were stabbed. The police did not intervene in the conflict. Now the city council of Poltava is blocked by activists who demand the removal of those who organized the illegal seizure and prosecution.

This all is happening against the background of continuous reprisals against the members of the Samopomich party – in various regions of Ukraine criminal proceedings are opened and searches are conducted under far-fetched pretexts. Lviv remains in siege, the pro-government mass media are slinging mud at Samopomich deputies.

Each incident mentioned could have been accidental, but their number and demonstrative nature are raising alarm. Law and order bodies that must protect the rights of people, are using “unknown persons” for dirty work instead, are covering illegal schemes and pro-Russian scenarios, are using force unreasonably and disproportionately. Against the backdrop of a “police breaking” into the parliament and disregard of the President’s order on stopping the trade with the occupiers, these actions of law enforcement agencies have no signs of protection of the rights of people, but demonstrate destabilization of the situation and undermining of the rule of law.

Samopomich faction has appealed to the Prime Minister with a demand to disclose the names of the police officers and the soldiers of the National Guard who gave orders and participated in these events, to dismiss those responsible for the terror against Ukrainian people, and provide the faction with a report on the government’s motives and intentions in making these decisions.

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