“Lviv residents live longer due to preventive actions” – Sadovyi

From January 1, 2020, medical workers will receive a salary equal to 250% of the national average. As stated by the presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi during a meeting with the doctors of Malyn in Zhytomyr region, the Samopomich faction pushed through this amendment in the law on state financial guarantees of medical services for the population.

“This is our principled position – people in medicine must have high salaries. In my pre-election program, I have also indicated that the salary of doctors should be no less than a thousand dollars. Because for me personally, human health is the cornerstone. And Ukraine should aim at having our life expectancy at least at the level of the European Union countries,” said Sadovyi.

According to him, in Lviv, life expectancy is higher than the average in Ukraine. Sadovyi argues this with constant preventive actions that are carried out by the city’s doctors: pressure measurement, measurement of blood sugar levels, medical campuses and the like.

In addition, in his election program, the candidate for the post of president of Ukraine proposes to ensure annual funding of the medical industry in the amount of not less than 5% of GDP, introduce a health insurance system in which 15% of the unified social tax paid will be directed to the personal account of every citizen, and also introduce programs promoting healthy lifestyle and fighting with bad habits.

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