Yehor Soboliev: The task of this parliament and the whole society is to create at least one real court in Ukraine as soon as possible

According to Yehor Soboliev, people’s deputy of the Samopomich Union, this week there was one very important event that has passed unnoticed both by the society and the parliament – the court has returned to the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office a protocol on violation of the corruption law by an official.

“You remember when more than a year ago Minister of Economic Development Aivaras Abromavičius stated there had been pressure exercised onto him to appoint dependent managers of state enterprises. Back then the Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office drafted a protocol on corruption and for over a year no court in Ukraine has managed to consider this decision. All the courts are afraid, avoid consideration, and return the document back,” the people’s deputy notes.

According to Yehor Soboliev, this once again proves that the task of this parliament and the whole of society is to create at least one real court in Ukraine as soon as possible.

“We have proposed to create a specialized anti-corruption court and attract foreigners to the election of Ukrainian judges who will pass sentences upon top corrupt officials.

Every day, every week of delaying this decision becomes a proof of how important it is to do this immediately. Many people in this parliament, and even more outside it, are wondering how to solve this situation. After all, it is not only the law on the anti-corruption court that is blocked. This week, the parliamentary Committee on State Building with the help of the votes of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc and the People’s Front has rejected the bill on the occupied territories, which could once and forever destroy a very large corruption scheme of trade with the occupied territories – the “blood trade”. Also, a law on elections on a proportional basis with open lists is not put to the vote. This law presupposes that a person can vote both for a party and for a specific candidate. The law on the prohibition of political advertising, which is the main weapon of the oligarchs in every election. The law on the exposers of corruption, which protects people who expose corruption and, moreover, offers to pay them money when they save the state’s money,” the MP notes.

Yehor Soboliev notes that adoption of these laws is the most important issue in the coming days, weeks and months: “The first thing we need to realize is that it would be a huge mistake to think that we cannot do this – a huge mistake of both the people in the parliament and outside it. The society must take control of the parliament, must learn to manage it. We need rallies under the Verkhovna Rada when important decisions are not made, we need control over the voting of each deputy or his/her refusal to vote. And then the truth about everything being in our hands will win.”

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