“The least the government and parliament can do is to give people pensions, cancel the tax, introduce an audit, and launch a national registry” – Roman Semenukha

Samopomich Union faction has registered in the parliament a bill on issues of pension provision for Ukrainians, which is alternative to the government bill. As noted by MP Roman Semenukha, this legislative initiative is designed primarily to reindex and modernize pensions, that is, to give the today’s pensioners more money. “Secondly, we insist on the prohibition to increase the length of pensionable service, which will let preserve the current retirement age. And, thirdly, the draft law provides for the abolition of the discriminatory coefficient for working pensioners, who are now receiving 85% of the pension amount.”

In addition, according to the MP, the alternative bill provides for the implementation of the most important stage preceding the pension reform – an audit of the Pension Fund and verification of payments. And the most important thing comes at the end of this stage – this is creation of the Unified State Register of all recipients of social benefits, including pensions. “This bill does not confront the generations of current retirees and those who will retire in the future. We must give hope for a decent pension to those who are now 50, 45, 35, and 25 years old. Also, Samopomich is ready to work together with the government on the next legislative initiative, which should be registered by the end of the year – this is the introduction of the second, accumulative level of the pension system.”

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