“The parliament’s session without consideration of bills on limitation of deputies’ immunity and the Anti-Corruption Court is an imitation of work” – Roman Semenukha

In the opinion of Roman Semenukha, people’s deputy representing Samopomich Union faction, today the parliament is planning to “carve-up” the taxpayers’ money under the guise of introducing changes to the budget; is planning to furtherly usurp power and include into the agenda terrible laws that might destroy the freedom of speech in Ukraine.

At the same time, the Samopomich faction demands that the parliament should immediately consider the submission on bringing people’s deputy Mykhailo Dobkin to liability, as well as pass the law on the Anti-Corruption Court and limit the immunity of deputies.

“It is through decisions like these that the parliament has to gain people’s trust again. Presently consideration of the issue of Dobkin is scheduled at the end of the plenary day, while the medical reform goes still later. This is all done to ensure that there will be too little votes in the parliament to pass these decisions,” notes Roman Semenukha.

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