Health Care Committee meeting disrupted due to lack of quorum

The Verkhovna Rada Committee on Health Care stopped consideration of the draft law on the medical system reforming after three people’s deputies – Serhiy Melnychyk (non-affiliated), Ihor Shurma and Tetiana Bakhtieyeva (Opposition bloc) – left the Committee’s meeting.

As noted by Samopomich MP, Deputy Chair of the Committee Iryna Sysoyenko, during the meeting most of the amendments to the draft law had been discussed, but the deputies could not finish, because the meeting was disrupted:

“We are ready to work even until morning, but our work will only be possible if there is a quorum. Unless this happens, the bill will be regarded as the one that has not passed the Committee’s consideration, which is mandatory in order to put it to the vote. Accordingly, now there is a break in the meeting of the Ccommittee, the people’s deputies who could provide a quorum and continue the work on the amendments are being looked for.”

We shall recall that the bill #6327 on state financial guarantees for the provision of medical services and medicines was voted for in the first reading on June 6. Preparing the bill for the second reading the working group of people’s deputies together with representatives of the Ministry of Health have worked out a general version of the bill.

“What is happening now is the thing we have been afraid of from the very beginning – those people’s deputies who did not work in the working group are creating obstacles to all those things that have been worked out in the bill, so we cannot follow the regulations of the Verkhovna Rada,” says Iryna Sysoyenko.


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