The introduction of medical self-government in dentistry should become a model for other medical specialties

This was emphasized by MP Iryna Sysoyenko during a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada held on February 8, on the eve of the International Day of Dentists.

“Presently, medical self-government, which is the basis of the medical industry all over the world, is absent in our country. Medical workers are not involved in the decision-making process related to the regulation of medical activities to a proper extent and are not active subjects of health-care policy.

The introduction of medical self-management in dentistry should become a pilot project and a model for other medical specialties,” note the MP.

Dental self-management provides for the transfer of certain powers associated with the professional activities of dentists from the state to the professional dental community. This will create conditions for the development of relationships between doctors and authorities, will improve the effectiveness of dental management, will help protect the rights and legitimate interests of both doctors and patients.

The scope of competence of medical self-government organizations includes: maintenance of the register of doctors, medical practice licensing, attestation and certification of medical specialists, ensuring the upgrading of medical skills, participation in the accreditation of medical practices, selection of the chief specialists in medical specialties, development of medical standards, control over the use of medicines and medical advertising, etc.

“In the developed countries of the world, these are the organizations of medical self-government that fulfill a large part of duties related to ensuring proper functioning of the health-care system. The Verkhovna Rada has registered a draft law “On dental activities” (#4736), which divides the powers of the state bodies and professional self-government of dentists, determines the grounds and forms of their cooperation. Therefore, I urge my colleagues to consider this bill as soon as possible,” Iryna Sysoyenko concluded.

Iryna Sysoienko
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