Judge Shelest, who is dependent on the prosecutor’s office, continues to consider the case of Vladyslav Marchenko

The court rejected the request of the lawyers to challenge Judge Yezhov from consideration of petitions for applying of preventive measures against the chairman of the Zaporizhia regional branch of the Samopomich Union party.

We shall recall that Vladyslav Marchenko’s lawyers had initiated a motion to recuse the judge in connection with the personal interest of the Kharkiv regional prosecutor in applying pressure on the judge.

“The Kharkiv regional prosecutor has repeatedly demonstrated his interest in another criminal proceeding, which was registered back in January 2017, and where the name of Judge Yezhov appears. Mr. Danylchenko made several high-profile public statements when during the investigation of criminal proceedings against Judge Yezhov he expressed his confidence that the Judge was guilty. We consider this to be a basis for the challenge of Judge Yezhov,” says lawyer Vladyslav Hryshchenko.


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