“Laws on special status and amnesty violate 26 articles of the Constitution”

Oksana Syroyid, Deputy Speaker of parliament, calls on her fellow MPs to sign a constitutional appeal for recognizing the laws on the special status of the occupied territories and the law on amnesty unconstitutional.

“We all realize that the next parliament can be much more eager to cooperate with Russia, and today many of you are going to the polls declaring your desire to fight against revenge. So, I am asking you to fight with revenge not with words, but with deeds. Sign up the constitutional submission on declaring unconstitutional the laws on the special status of the occupied territories and the law on amnesty.”

According to Oksana Syroyid, these laws violate 26 articles of the Constitution, undermine our political system, and their goal is to destroy our state from the inside. This must be prevented.

“The greatest achievement of the parliament of this convocation is that it was this parliament that saved the Ukrainian statehood and the Ukrainian Constitution, because we did not let changes to the Constitution with a special status for the occupied territories to be introduced”.

We need 45 signatures of MPs to appeal to the Constitutional Court. Our appeal has already been signed by 53 MPs.

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