“Draft laws on hostels that are being considered by the parliament are highly relevant, but they need to be finalized for the second reading” – Aliona Babak

The Verkhovna Rada has started considering bills 10006 and 10006-1 on the settlement of the issue of hostels in apartment buildings. The problem is extremely urgent and requires immediate solutions. However, as noted by MP Aliona Babak from the Samopomich Union faction, both documents can be adopted only as a basis, because they need serious refinement before the second reading.

Thus, among the shortcomings of the legislative initiatives, there are problems with the definition of “hostel”. In particular, it is not clear why, when defining that hostels should have a separate entrance, limit their space to five rooms or six people in the room. At the same time, there are no restrictions with regard to the rules for using hostels without violating the rights of residents of the house to safety and silence at certain times of the day.

The parliamentarian explains: “We will destroy those legal hostels that today are working with separate entrances to houses; those that work honestly and pay taxes. This is unacceptable. If there is a separate entrance, then it should not matter how many rooms are there.”

Aliona Babak continues, “At the same time, this definition will in no way resolve the issue of housing a large number of people in apartments under the guise of leasing housing. These issues are not governed by these laws.”

In addition, it is not clear how these draft laws will affect individual entrepreneurs who work with employees and are registered at their place of residence.

The people’s deputy concludes, “We must finalize these bills before the second reading and adopt them only as a basis now.”


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