Bill on autonomization of medical institutions signed by the President

Dear friends, the bill 2309a-d on the autonomization of medical institutions has been signed by the President!

I congratulate everybody who expected this, I thank everybody with whom we have been working together for 2 years – due to this our state has taken the first step towards changes in the health care system and insurance medicine financing!

We need to make sure that even those small amounts of money allocated in the state budget for the payment of medical services go directly for the medical service provided to patients in the concrete hospital where they are treated.

It is high time we combated shadow flows of money from patients spent on donation funds by changing the principles and conditions for financing of hospitals!

Also this law introduces the definition of “service of medical care of the population” for the first time.

But for this law to become a good mechanism for people who will come to state and municipal hospitals, the government must prepare and approve the mechanisms for its implementation within six months, namely:

  1. To approve the methodology for calculating the cost of medical services (including those for which the state has to pay).
  2. To adopt the procedure for holding a competition for the position of chief physicians.
  3. To approve the procedure for the conclusion and drafting of contracts between a medical institution and the payer for the provided medical care.
  4. To approve the establishment procedure, the rights and duties of the supervisory board, which will be set up in health care institutions, as well as model regulations on it.

Therefore, I expect that these by-laws will be prepared in a qualitative and timely manner by the Ministry of Health and approved by the Cabinet so that the law could be implemented and could change the situation in the medical institutions that exists now!

Iryna Sysoienko
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