“The bill against individual entrepreneurs in IT is beyond common sense” – Sadovyi in Cherkasy

“Lviv today is the leader in innovations in Ukraine. Unfortunately, at the state level, there is no comprehensive understanding of the need for innovations.”

Candidate for the post of president of Ukraine, Andriy Sadovyi, is convinced that the draft law on restrictions for individual entrepreneurs, which creates problems for IT industry workers, registered by the Ministry of Social Policy, is absolutely unacceptable.

“Today, a lot of power representatives are talking about the importance of IT. But when Deputy Prime Minister Reva proposes new laws that should create problems for IT people, this is beyond common sense. These People work honestly, provide for their families, and the money that they earn is spent here. This is the driver of our economy,” said Sadovyi during a public meeting in Cherkasy.

The politician is convinced that if the state creates restrictions in this sphere, “IT professionals will pack their bags and leave at any moment.”

“Over last few years the IT industry has been steadily developing – we have more than 20% growth annually. That means that we must do everything to let it grow even more – to create proper conditions, instead of limiting them, because we need to patch up the hole in the budget. Therefore, I appeal to the authorities – let’s restore order at the customs, fight with the corruption there. This will let replenish the budget by 100 billion hryvnias to have more funds for the Pension Fund. This can be done by introducing transparency of procedures, digitalization. And this can be done with the help of those same IT specialists whom the state wants to destroy,” said Andriy Sadovyi.

We shall add that the other day, the Ministry of Social Policy suggested amending the labour legislation and thus prohibiting enterprises from registering workers as individual entrepreneurs instead of entering into labour agreements with them. In the government they say that in this way business is minimizing the taxes it should pay to the state budget. However, this form of collaboration is most convenient for IT and creative industries’ employees, as well as freelancers.

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