“The law on increasing the authority of the National Guard can turn Ukraine into North Korea” – Samopomich

According to the representatives of the Samopomich Union faction, the bill #6556 on increasing the powers of the National Guard of Ukraine, registered in the Verkhovna Rada, threatens human rights, security, and law and order in Ukraine.

In case of its adoption the document will lead to mass disorders and violation of human rights. The initiative is also threatening the ordinary National Guard officers, who once again risk to be confronted with people being forced to carry out the orders similar to those given in December 2013 during EuroMaidan.

“Olena Sotnyk, Samopomich deputy believes that, “this is a blatant threat to people – when the military come out and actually perform the functions of policemen without understanding what human rights and police functions are. The Minister of the Interior must be engaged in reforming the police, must fulfill his duties, while the National Guard, as a military formation, must finally move completely under the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – this is what it was prepared for.”

She is convinced: there should be no military equipment, military people, and human rights violations on the streets of Ukrainian cities.

“We will not allow this bill to become a reality, since its adoption can lead to the threat of a coup d’etat, the creation of an alternative army, and the transformation of our country into a North Korea – the country where the military command and the police system reigns,” concludes Olena Sotnyk.

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