“The election law is not for politicians. This law is for our citizens” – Yehor Soboliev

Near the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine there is a protest action demanding that the parliament should adopt changes in the electoral legislation – to pass the law on elections on a proportional basis with open lists.

As noted by Yehor Soboliev, deputy chairman of the Samopomich faction, the current electoral legislation “was imposed by Yanukovych to let him reign in Ukraine”. Consequently, the new law should enable people to manage their state, to return the control over the state to them.

“Let’s be honest – we have been to many revolutions with you. However, after each revolution the oligarchs win elections, the oligarchic proteges become presidents, and oligarchic parties win the majority in any parliament.

The new law is not for politicians, this law is for citizens. It is designed to let people vote for a particular party, which will then bear political responsibility for this vote, and for a particular candidate whom they want to see as a deputy from this party, so that this person could also bear his/her own responsibility. It is clear that this won’t be easy, that we won’t be able to push this decision through the parliament right after a single protest.

But I am very inspired by today’s meeting, because I can see friends and acquaintances here. And most importantly, I can see the flags of the parties that are most capable of taking responsibility, are capable to destroy top corruption, become real representatives of people. So I’m sure that together we will definitely do everything right. We only need to make it clear to those who are not here that, in fact, this law is not about parties, the Verkhovna Rada, or even elections. It is about the right of people to govern their state, the right to return the government to themselves.

Kleptocrats, all the same oligarchs’ henchmen are now blocking all important decisions: ranging from this law to the creation of the law on the Anti-Corruption Court. But I am sure, I know this from our history: when we are together, we always win,” said Yehor Soboliev.

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