“Ukroboronprom” agreement with the company developing dirigibles will be revised on the request of a people’s deputy

Taras Pastukh, deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, requires that the agreement of “Ukroboronprom” about production of assault rifle M16 should be checked.

The weapon is to be produced by state enterprise “Ukroboronservis” in conjunction with an American company “Aeroscraft”.

The official “Aeroscraft” website states that the company specializes in the development of dirigibles. The MP also asks to verify the feasibility of the contract and to publish its cost.

“Ukraine doesn’t lack this kind of weapon. That is why I demand that the Committee on National Security and Defence should find out – whether or not the Armed Forces of Ukraine really need the M16 rifle, and how many resources are needed for its production,” he stated during a meeting of the Committee on National Security and Defence.

The information requested by Taras Pastukh is to be made public at the next meeting of the parliamentary Committee.


Iryna Podoliak
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