Samopomich: We call on the protesters not to react to provocations

Samopomich Union faction calls on the people planning to participate in peaceful assemblies not to react to possible provocations and to exercise their right by exclusively peaceful means, because there is a threat that both the enemy and individual politicians might take advantage of the protests to strengthen their personal influence on political processes.

The fact is that on the eve of the defrauded bank depositors’ protests there has been a powerful media campaign aimed at whipping up the tension concerning this event with loud statements about the presence of Russian trace,  Surkov’s “Shatun plan”, and unprecedented measures, such as  blocking Khreshchatyk Street. Meanwhile the political forces requiring an early parliamentary election picked up momentum.

At the same time, the process of creation of a police state is ongoing. The evidence of this can be seen in the increased funding of the Prosecutor’s Office and the Interior Ministry by 2.5 billion hryvnias in 2017 and in a number of initiatives – starting from the notorious “presumption of innocence of a police officer” initiated by the Minister of Internal Affairs to the draft Law “On investigative activities”, which revives the NKVD monster with its total surveillance of citizens, at the expense of citizens’ money, but without the knowledge of the citizens.

Therefore the Samopomich Union faction urges politicians, who under the guise of a fight against “the Kremlin’s plans” are trying to make Ukraine a police state, to ponder upon the fact that making the law enforcement agencies the instruments of surveillance and punishment the authors of these initiatives risk to experience the effectiveness of their creation themselves.

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