Transcarpathia is being cut away from Ukraine – in all the senses of the word. Andriy Sadovyi appealed to the President

Following the results of his last week’s trip to Uzhhorod, Andriy Sadovyi has sent letters to the President, Prime Minister, and Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine regarding the development of the transport and border infrastructure of Transcarpathia.

“After our temporary loss of the Crimea, this region could have become an alternative health resort of Ukraine. But it is easier for the residents of Kharkiv or Kyiv to get to Hurghada or Mallorca than to the thermal waters of Berehove or to the ski resorts of Kostryno,” underscored Andriy Sadovyi.

The letters say that for more than two years there have been no flight connections in Transcarpathia with the rest of Ukraine and the world. The Ministry of Infrastructure and the state air traffic service company have not managed to establish proper light signal security systems in the airport of Uzhhorod and certify it in accordance with the requirements of the EU, which is a prerequisite for the continuation of the Agreement with the Slovak Republic on the flying of our aircraft to its territory during the take-off and landing.

The only international motorway M06, which connects Ukraine with Transcarpathia and South-Eastern Europe, hardly copes with the traffic load and constantly suffers from traffic jams.

When the Beskydy Tunnel was opened this year Transcarpathia expected the launch of Intercity trains, which could partially relieve the logistics tension in the region. But this has not happened so far. The trip by train from Uzhhorod to Kyiv makes up more than 12 hours.

Not a single border crossing point along the western border has been opened following the introduction of the visa-free regime, while the funds allocated by the EU for the modernization of the existing border crossing checkpoints have not been used in full and were partially returned.

“This situation stirs up discontent with the central government and contributes to the growth of separatist sentiments among the population. The administrative failures of the central authorities have actually created a threat to the national security in Transcarpathia. Therefore, I urge the representatives of the highest authorities in the country to act in order to rectify the situation,” said Andriy Sadovyi.


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