We protect the right of apartment buildings to electricity at fair rates

On January 11, following a powerful wave of protests by condominiums, the National Commission for State Regulation in Energy and Utilities abolished the increase in electricity tariffs for the joint household needs of high-rise buildings.

The illegal decision was cancelled, but the new, fair pricing principles were not adopted. And without this, the right of hundreds of thousands of families to fair tariffs continue to be violated.

In some cases, increased tariffs are still applied.

Why do people have to pay for the ventilation in their building at the rate of a profitable industrial enterprise? Why condominiums, being actually deceived by the monopolistic regional power distribution companies, do not know how to get back to fair tariffs? This is unfair and unacceptable.

Therefore, this same day, on January 11, we organized a meeting of NCSREU members Olena Antonova and Oleksandr Farmahey with representatives of condominiums. The constructive dialogue resulted in the decision to create a working group consisting of condominiums representatives, the Regulator, and the Parliament. The purpose of the working group is to clearly define the principles of payment for electricity in apartment buildings.

Our position is simple – the light on the staircase and the light inside the apartment is equally necessary for a person. Ventilation, alarm systems and other engineering systems in a building are the common property of all its inhabitants. Therefore, for electricity for the needs of these systems people should pay no more than for their own electrical equipment. That is 1 hryvnia 68 kopiykas. And that’s how it should remain.

The community of condominiums has performed a profound legal work. Legislation and judicial practice have been studied. Each our position is supported by legal arguments.

As it was agreed with the members of the NCSREU, a letter justifying the position of the residents of Ukrainian apartment buildings was handed over to the regulator.

Now it is all in the hands of the NCSREU.

Millions of people living in apartment buildings are entitled to fair rates. The law obliges the NCSREU to ensure respect for the rights of citizens.

We will not let anybody ignore the rights of Ukrainians.

Viktoriya Vojtsitska
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