Following the petition of Samopomich, NABU opened a criminal proceeding against Roman Marchenko

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau has opened a criminal proceeding in relation to Roman Marchenko, a deputy of the Kyiv City Council, in connection with his presenting false information in his declaration. The activities of Marchenko will be investigated following the relevant petition of the people’s deputies of the Samopomich Union.

“In response to our petition, we received a letter from the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, where it is stated that Roman Marchenko’s actions regarding entering false information in his declaration, in particular regarding the income received by Marchenko’s wife from alienating land plots, will be investigated.

For us, it is fundamental to comply with all standards of politicians’ working responsibility, especially with regard to the introduction of electronic declaration, which was promoted by Samopomich so much in to prevent corruption among politicians. We hope that in the near future, NABU detectives will carry out the necessary investigative actions verifying the facts that we provided in our petition,” says MP Ruslan Sydorovych.

We shall remind that on September 6, following its own investigation of the activities of the deputy of the Kyiv City Council Roman Marchenko, the Samopomich Union party excluded the head of the faction in the Kyiv Council Serhiy Husovskyi and three other members of the party who had supported the decision of the Kyiv City Council to allocate land plots in the city of Kyiv to the relatives of Roman Marchenko. The total area of all the seized land plots is more than 1.4 hectares.

On September 12, all materials of the internal party investigation were sent to NABU by the deputies of Samopomich.

In addition to appealing to the law enforcement agencies, the party will initiate the procedure for recalling deputy Roman Marchenko.

In early October, the court returned to the community of Kyiv one of the scandalous “Marchenko’s land plots”.

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