More than 700 cases of raider attacks have happened in the agrarian sector in 2017

This was reported by a member of the Samopomich parliamentary faction, member of the interdepartmental commission for the protection of investors’ rights under the Cabinet of Ministers Ivan Miroshnichenko – writes UNIAN.

“The statistics for 2017 reports of more than 700 cases of hostile conflicts, takeovers, or pressure on business. That means there are hundreds of such cases. This is an aggressive activity under cover – outright robbery in broad daylight,” Miroshnichenko said.

He noted that such illegal actions are carried out through the forgery of documents, falsification of decisions of supervisory boards, falsification of lease contracts, land lease rights, and the like.

“Gaps in the legislation have always been the root causes of raiding problems. Raiders would always look for such gaps to penetrate into businesses, find benefits, earn money, and avoid going to jail. This is how it has always been. Now things have even worsened,” said the deputy.

He added that raiding had turned into robbery, because very often businesses were taken away from people.

Miroshnichenko said that the public organization “Business Varta”, where he is the chairman of the supervisory board, was drafting a bill with 15 key changes that would help combat raiding.

He noted that the bill would be ready in full in 2-3 weeks, but the adoption of the law might take more than six months, since there was a serious resistance against its adoption.

Miroshnichenko also stressed that all cases of raiding were connected with the same participants; seizures were always very well organized and they were systemic.

“Raiding never starts at the level of a district or region. All cases of raider attacks that exist in Ukraine stem from Kyiv with the connivance of top officials. It all starts from the Ministry of Justice, the Prosecutor General’s Office, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs,” said Anatoliy Haivoronskyi, executive director of the Association of Farmers and Private Landowners of the Dnipropetrovsk region.


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