The congress of Samopomich adopted a decision on participation in local elections on December 23

Today, the XVI Congress of the Samopomich Union Political Party was held in Kyiv with the participation of the leader of the Samopomich Union Party, Andriy Sadovyi.

Congress delegates voted for the participation of the political force in all local elections, which will be held on December 23, 2018.

We shall remind that according to the decision of the Central Election Commission, on December 23, there will be first local elections of heads and deputies of village, town, and city councils in 125 united territorial communities. Also on this day, by-elections of deputies of village and town councils in 26 communities will be held.

In addition, the congress formed a new composition of the Samopomich political council, which included: party leader Andriy Sadovyi, chairman of the executive committee Oleh Lavryk, Oleh Bereziuk, Oksana Syroyid, Ostap Protsyk, Yehor Soboliev, Roman Semenukha, Paraskoviya Dvorianyn, and Ivan Miroshnichenko.

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