DemAlliance Congress supported Andriy Sadovyi

DemAlliance Congress supported Andriy Sadovyi, called for the talks about a single presidential candidate and joint participation in parliamentary elections.

On February 3, the 16th congress of the DemAlliance party, dedicated to the presidential election, was held at the “Tsekh” Art Gallery.

During the congress, representatives of the party agreed that the situation in the country had reached a critical level, when citizens were desperate about the possibility of changes for the better.

The union of democratic political forces and the victory of a single candidate in the presidential elections can return faith to people.

The delegates of the congress supported Andriy Sadovyi as a worthy candidate of the democratic forces and urged for starting negotiations with other political leaders to complete the unification process by February 28.

In addition, DemAlliance called on Civic Position, Samopomich, The Power of People and other democratic parties to run in the parliamentary elections as a single team.

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