Oksana Syroyid: Our European partners are frankly surprised that Ukraine continues to trade with the occupier while asking them to support the sanctions

Deputies of the Samopomich faction with the support of Hanns Seidel Foundation recently had a working visit to Brussels. Oksana Syroyid, Oleh Bereziuk, and Yehor Soboliev, during February 26 – March 1, had the opportunity to discuss the issues of security and political situation, as well as the EU-Ukraine relations with European parliamentarians, representatives of the European External Action Service, diplomats and experts dealing with the issues related to Ukraine in NATO headquarters.
“It goes without saying that the number one issue was the issue of security. Our European colleagues were frankly surprised by the fact that Ukraine while asking to support sanctions continues to trade with Russia and the occupied territories. Therefore, they were anxious, but sympathetic about the fact that the blockade of the trade on blood is a result of the government’s failure to regulate the status of the occupied territories and to stop providing financial support for them,” says Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, Oksana Syroyid.
In their turn, Samopomich deputies drew attention of the EU representatives to the fact that the undefined status of the occupied territories and trade with the occupier humiliate the Ukrainian society, destroy the Ukrainian army and encourage Russia towards further aggression. The MPs also emphasized the need to support the law on the temporarily occupied territories.
“It was important for us to finally see the understanding of the fact that the failure to call a war in Ukraine a war is the result of the international fear of Russia, among other things. We spoke of the important role of Ukraine for the safety of modern Europe and the world. Ukrainians no longer want to be a Russian colony, which means it will be impossible to deter aggressive and despotic Russia without Ukraine. On the one hand, we felt confusion in Europe caused by the aftermath of the Russian hybrid war in Europe. On the other hand, Russian aggressive policy in Europe and the world is gradually convincing our partners that it is necessary to reconsider the principles of relations with Russia and learn to perceive it as a threat,” believes the Vice-Speaker.
According to Oksana Syroid, at every meeting special attention was paid to the fight against corruption in Ukraine and the activities of the anti-corruption bodies, “Due to the electronic declaration Ukrainian society has seen the volume of illicit enrichment of politicians, judges, prosecutors, and officials. And this enrichment cannot go unpunished. Therefore, the independence and effectiveness of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and future Anti-Corruption Court is vital for people’s trust in public institutions, and hence for the development of the state. The European Union is applying a lot of institutional and financial efforts in order to reach this independence. Given this, the show made by the Ukrainian Parliament on February 23, during the appointment of the auditor for the Anti-Corruption Bureau, has caused confusion and indignation among our European colleagues.”

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