Yehor Soboliev asked the National Agency for Corruption Prevention to examine the way of life of Yulia Tymoshenko

MP from the Samopomich Union faction, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee, addressed the National Agency for Corruption Prevention with a request to conduct a monitoring of the way of life of the leader of “Fatherland” party, Yulia Tymoshenko.

“There were some questions to her electronic declaration, I asked Ms. Tymoshenko to initiate this monitoring on her own. Since she hasn’t done it, I decided to help,” Yehor Soboliev explains.

In addition, the MP is awaiting the results of his previous requests. The fact is that a week ago the politician appealed to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau with a requirement to initiate criminal proceedings in relation to five people’s deputies, in whose declarations there were signs of illegal enrichment or lies. We are talking about Oleh Liashko, Ihor Hryniv, Dobkin brothers, and Anton Yatsenko.

Commenting on these actions, Yehor Soboliev notes that verification and control of electronic declarations is not only the task of anti-corruption bodies and relevant non-governmental organizations, but also of all Ukrainians.

“All forty million living in Ukraine have to control their officials, otherwise the situation won’t change, and the officials caught in a lie will simply remain in office spitting into the eye of our citizens. Don’t expect a magician to come and save us from corrupted judges, politicians and officials,” concluded the deputy.

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