Yehor Soboliev urges to convene an emergency meeting of the parliament to review the amendments to the law on e-declarations

“Yesterday, during adoption of the law, which had been well prepared and discussed before, some amendments were introduced, which made it contradictory – both in a literal and figurative sense. The biggest problem that exists now in this law is that in one paragraph it says that those who will provide their first declarations will have to do it by May 1 of this year, while a different paragraph states that those who are included into the list of subjects of declaration for the first time have to do so in 2018.

In addition, according to the law, everyone who cooperates with public organizations, including third parties, must file declarations – doesn’t matter if they are cleaners or paper suppliers,” the people’s deputy notes.

People’s deputy representing the Samopomich Union faction, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee, proposed to cancel the adopted bill, to convene an emergency meeting of the parliament next week and take away the controversial points from the document.

Since the Verkhovna Rada rejected the relevant resolution on the abolition of the voting, Yehor Soboliev will address the Speaker with an official letter for the sake of actually convening an emergency meeting of the parliament next week and to adopt a good bill.

“I believe the President should support this idea. After all, in the form in which the law was voted yesterday it completely contradicts itself. A special session of the parliament is a good way to pass a law that will free our soldiers, cadets and sergeants from the duty to submit declarations, and at the same time will not allow kleptocrats to disguise themselves as servicemen, come against public organizations, disorganize the work of journalists and disorganize legislation itself,” concludes Yehor Soboliev.

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