Yehor Soboliev: “Unless we change the rules of governing the state, a new gang will come to power”

According to Samopomich MP Yehor Soboliev, Ukraine is presently experiencing a unique moment when for the first time the society took to the streets not against someone or for the sake of revenge, but for the sake of establishing new rules. Therefore, he emphasizes, no one cat remain indifferent.

The politician stresses: “For the first time it’s not about driving out another gang. Unless we change the rules of government, a new gang will come. And here Poroshenko is a demonstrative example. He came to power following an incredible uprising of people. Yet, he did just what had been done before him – he has turned all this energy and the hope into deception and disappointment.

Unlike Yanukovych, who was a supporter of the bandit method of intimidation and pressure, Poroshenko indulges in lies. Now not only inside the country, but also abroad, our initiatives are presented as initiatives of people who destabilize the situation in Ukraine. However, for almost two months we have stood with peaceful protest, without offending a single law-enforcer. All the clashes that have occurred during this time were the result of the law enforcement attempts to disperse the peaceful assembly of people.”

The activists want no disturbances – they are protesting in a peaceful and quiet way demanding the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court, the transition to new rules for the election of the next parliament, the liquidation of the parliamentary impunity, the creation of the impeachment procedure for the President (to ensure that the President who has transgressed the law could be removed in a civilized and democratic way), and the resignation of Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko.

The latter, according to Yehor Soboliev, is now the greatest threat to civil liberties and democracy and the greatest implementer of political repression. This is evidenced by the Prosecutor General’s initiation of arrests of the camp participants on Hryshevskyi Street. For example, a few days ago a court in Mariupol refused to let MPs bail a camp participant and former volunteer fighter Oleksandr Novykov. Earlier, a preventive measure in the form of two months of detention had been chosen for the man following his seizure in Kyiv.

The MP assures that this is Yuriy Lutsenko who is the initiator of such arrests. “On October 17, the day we came to the parliament with the protest, Lutsenko instructed the Donetsk police to deal with the case of 2014 in relation to Oleksandr Novykov. Therefore, the resignation of the current Prosecutor General is a very important way of eliminating the system of political repression, of the country’s return to a state of normal and civilized political dialogue.”

“We ask all Ukrainians from all over the world to help us establish the virtuous governance of the state in a civil and peaceful way, help us move from kleptocracy to democracy,” concludes Yehor Soboliev.

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