Yehor Soboliev: We demand that the investigation of the attack of titushky on people in Poltava should be brought to fruition

While on a working visit to Poltava, Samopomich MPs Yehor Soboliev and Semen Semenchenko arrived at the local department of the internal affairs to see how the investigation of the notorious April events – when titushky beat up the people protesting against the illegal construction – is being carried out.

As reported by Yehor Soboliev, the case of stab wounds of two veterans of the war for independence has already been investigated and taken to court. “We have asked the head of the investigation of the regional police department to find out who the other participants were and, most importantly, who the organizers of the attack were. According to our information, this group of titushky attacked businessmen in Kyiv last winter,” the parliamentarian stressed.

Samopomich MPs together with their colleagues from the Poltava office will continue to monitor the progress of the investigation and ensure that this case is considered in court in a good faith.

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