Yehor Soboliev, “You will be next once they are done with the volunteers”

The reprisals against the participants of the protest camp on Hrushevskoho Street continue. Thus, on November 27, Zhovtnevyi court in Mariupol decided to send the organizers of the camp to the detention centre for two month. The participants of the protest camp on Hrushevskoho Street outside the Verkhovna Rada have been demanding a number of anti-corruption laws from the authorities for several weeks. The people arrested are the second commander of Donbas battalion, Anatoliy Vynohrodskyi, and the company commander of the volunteer battalion OUN, Leonid Lytvynenko.

“We are witnessing arbitrariness in everything: starting with the procedure of arrest – when unknown people attack you and drag you somewhere – ending with fabricated cases that appeared just when the guys came to the parliament and began to block illegal schemes of enrichment,” notes Samopomich MP, chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee of the Parliament Yehor Soboliev.

According to him, even the fact that Samopomich MP Yaroslav Markevych was present at the trial and wanted to take the man on bail did not help Femida to deliver a fair judgement. “The entire Supreme Court of the United States would not help, because it was all a put up job,” explains Yehor Soboliev.

He believes that if Ukrainians allow the authorities to deal with volunteers in this way, we are going to face a nationwide tragedy.

“If we give up on our volunteers – we will have no future,” the people’s deputy notes. “I appeal to all people who think that this does not concern them. Guys, you will be next! Girls, you will be next! When they are done with volunteers, they will come for public activists. When they are done with public activists, they will come for journalists. When they are done with journalists, they will come for everyone else.

Look at the video of the search of “Donbas” and “Aidar” doctors, when a group of Mariupol police came to the doctors’ rented apartment. You can see how much attention the police pay to the military chevrons of “Donbas”, to the military uniforms. This is the most important for them. They are just like the occupation authorities of Putin in the Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk – they take away everything that is related to freedom and dignity.”

Therefore, the most important thing now is to wake up the society. “Kleptocrats, top corrupt officials, Putin are not afraid of our rallies. The repressions are possible because of the accursed tacit consent of society. It has been so many times in our history.

Take for example the battle of Kruty. This is a story of national shame, when in the country with a million men having the fighting experience of the First World War, these were three hundred students that were sent to protect Ukraine from Russian invaders. Many of them fell in this battle. Let’s not repeat that mistake! Let’s wake up together and wake everyone else who is sleeping,” concludes Yehor Soboliev.

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