Yehor Soboliev: “The authorities will offer amnesty to corrupt officials”

On Monday, April 2, the Anti-Corruption Committee of the parliament was supposed to consider the issue of canceling the requirement to public activists to submit electronic declarations. However, there was no quorum, which made the discussion impossible.

Samopomich MP Yehor Soboliev informs, “There are no representatives of the Petro Poroshenko Bloc, People’s Front, the Radical Party, and the Opposition bloc. It is these political forces that supported the decision to introduce declarations for activists in the first place.” Yehor Soboliev believes that the reason behind such an initiative is the desire to hide their own corrupt “achievements.”

He emphasizes, “Electronic declaration was intended to control those who use taxpayers’ money. Meanwhile, the President, MPs from the ruling coalition, who very often cannot give an answer to the question Where did you get this from? decided to make this somebody else’s problem – by introducing this requirement for public activists.

I’m sure they are pursuing their yet another dream – to achieve an amnesty for their own illegal fortunes. They will suggest pardoning innocent civil activists and will offer amnesty to corrupt officials at the same time, saying, “You see, none of us is infallible, let’s forgive everybody and start anew”. This is what all these actions, attendances, non-attendances, suggestions are about.”

Yehor Soboliev continues, “E-declaration for officials was one of the achievements of this parliament following Euromaidan; this let citizens learn about all corrupt officials without exception. E-declaration is a register of corrupt officials which clearly indicates how much has been stolen from you and what that money has been spent on. This works in the interests of Ukrainian society. While the idea of declarations for public activists is against the interests of society. When citizens control the government – this is right. When officials try to control citizens – this is the path to Putin’s Russia.”

Yehor Sobolev
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