Yehor Soboliev: Take money from the Prosecutor General’s Office and give it to public broadcasting

Samopomich deputy asks to allocate money for the development of public broadcasting in Ukraine. He even says where this money can be taken from.

“In Ukraine, there is not a single commercial television channel where there is no manipulation and promoted stories. Given this, we have to be grateful to public broadcasting, because they sense lies and paid promotion. But there is one problem – both this year and for the next year too little money is allocated for public broadcasting for it to be able to assert the truth and convey information to people. And this is crucial for creating democracy.”

During an hour of questions to the government, Yehor Soboliev reproached Hroisman that the government had managed to find money for the Prosecutor’s General Office, but not for those who are telling the truth.

“I understand that there is a problem of saving taxpayers’ money. But there is the Prosecutor General’s Office, whose functions have been reduced, yet the funding is increased by billions. Take money from over there and give it to the public broadcasting.”

The Prime Minister traditionally first shifted responsibility to the National Security and Defence Council, saying it is the Security Council that distributes the expenses of the security agencies, and the Cabinet of Ministers has nothing to do with it. And then he cynically declared that public broadcasting was 100% funded, it is just that Samopomich “did not vote” for the draft budget 2019.

Soboliev says that such a response, “means that the government either does not control how hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ hryvnias are spent or is consciously trying to deceive everyone. And this once again confirms the need for strong Public broadcasting.”

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