Yehor Soboliev: “It is important to set up the Anti-Corruption Court as soon as possible”

According to Yehor Soboliev, Samopomich MP, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office are the only investigators and prosecutors in the country that are truly fighting with the mutual covering-up system. “For example, the case of the military prosecutor Konstiantyn Kulyk, which exposes the corruptness and dishonesty of the current Prosecutor General’s Office,” says the politician.
However, in order to make sure that the achievements of the newly created anti-corruption agencies were not in vain, and to ensure there are real detentions and special confiscations, we need to create a specialized court. This is vital since high profile cases are ignored by the courts now.
“The case of Kulyk is not being considered at all. It was brought to court in October last year. Now it is already February, and not a single court session has taken place. And this is what happening in respect to many other important cases. Judges are scared. That means someone is pressurizing them not letting them perform their duties,” emphasizes Yehor Soboliev.
Summing up he adds, “We have registered a draft law on the anti-corruption court, and it is vital to set up this court as quickly as possible. Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau says that it is possible to do this by the end of the year once the relevant law is passed.”

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