Yehor Soboliev: The government must answer the question how a traitor of Ukraine appeared in the National Police

Neither the Security Service of Ukraine nor the Ministry of Internal Affairs have yet responded to the appeal of the Samopomich faction about the presence of Yuriy Holuban – the man who, as seen from video materials, was together with the traitors of Ukraine from the so-called “Vostok” battalion, formed by the leadership of the special “Alpha” unit of the Security Service in Donetsk region, which sided with the enemy – among the members of the National Police.

“Moreover, Holuban did not just end up in the National Police, but also came to the Verkhovna Rada, accompanied by the deputies of the People’s Front in order to demand condemnation of the blockade of trade with the occupied territories. And then he was even awarded with the Order by the President. Today he is an official who continues to be in charge of one of the special units of the National Police in the territory of the Kyiv region, therefore this poses a huge threat,” says Yehor Soboliev, Samopomich MP.

The Samopomich faction notes that since March it has not received any response from the law enforcement agencies regarding the facts quoted. “We demand an effective investigation, and if these facts are confirmed, it is not only Holuban himself that has to be punished, but also all the officials involved in the fact that he got into the police, into the hall of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and also received an order from the President.”

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