Yehor Soboliev: Last year Ukrainian companies gave Russia 1 billion dollars for coal
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The Samopomich MP asked the Cabinet’s representatives why the Government wouldn’t pass a resolution banning the import of Russian coal.

“There are no problems with the purchase of coal in the world. Moreover, according to the State Statistics Service, last year the South African coal cost Ukraine less than the Russian one. Yet, last year, due to the permissive attitude of the Ukrainian government, Ukrainian companies gave Russia 1 billion dollars for coal. Thus, we have actually financed the aggressor’s economy. What prevents the government from accepting the proposal of the Minister of Energy and approving the decision to ban the import of Russian coal?” Yehor Soboliev asks. In response, the relevant minister Ihor Nasalyk has said that presently there are emergency measures in Ukraine, therefore “we practically do not work with these stations that do not work on a gas group coal”.

Speaking about the import restriction, he noted, “The Ministry has already taken a cardinal step and sent a request to the State Fiscal Service and the energy customs with request to confiscate coal products when they enter the territory of Ukraine from the certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.”

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