Yehor Soboliev: “We must put corrupt judges in jails. This is what the Anti-Corruption Court could easily do”

According to Samopomich faction’s deputy Yehor Soboliev, the presidential bill on the Anti-Corruption Court must be adopted in the first reading and then important amendments should be introduced before the second reading.

Explaining why there should be no further delays, the politician says, “I think if the President takes the bill back, he will win time again, and we will lose. It’s high time for justice, it is high time to put top corrupt officials in jails.

I advocate for adopting the bill in the first reading. Between the first and the second reading, it is necessary to spell out that this court should only deal with the cases of top corruption, instead of considering drug cases, as the President suggests. In addition, we need to include in the bill the provisions in accordance with which foreign inspectors should help us exclude all corrupt officials who would want to work in the Anti-Corruption Court. It should also be indicated that the court must be established within a year. These amendments can be added between the first and the second readings, and then we would be able to vote for the law as a whole.”

According to the deputy, the Anti-Corruption Court should, first of all, become a court for corrupt judges. He emphasizes “The majority of the present judges, especially those in important courts, are corrupted. They never put each other in jails. It is high time corrupt judges went to prisons. This is what the Anti-Corruption Court could easily do.”

Yehor Sobolev
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