Yehor Soboliev: “Sooner or later all volunteers will be released, and those who initiated repressions will end up in prisons”

“We have never heard of trials of top corrupt officials in this country, of trials of those who “surrendered” Ukraine to Putin. Neither have we heard of punishments for those who shot Euromaidan participants. While those who saved our independence in 2014 are tried on a daily basis,” states Yehor Soboliev, people’s deputy representing Samopomich Union.

According to him, this week the trials of volunteers took place daily:

“In Mariupol, in particular, judge Oleksiy Tomilin once again refused to release Leonid Lytvynenko – a volunteer of OUN battalion, soldier name “Beck”. On October 17 last year, he, among other people, came to the parliament with a very simple constitutional requirement to adopt anti-corruption laws, including the law on the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court.

Today, the Prime Minister declared his support for this decision; previously, representatives of the ruling coalition also expressed their support. However, then I do not understand why “Beck” is still imprisoned,” says the MP.

Yehor Soboliev encourages everyone to attend such court hearings. In his opinion, this is very important to understand what is happening in the country with the most important people: “If tomorrow Putin starts a large-scale invasion of Ukraine, very few people will be actually ready to fight. Except for them. These are the titans, the pride of the nation and its main protectors. Therefore, we must protect each and every of them.”

The MP is convinced: sooner or later all volunteers will be released, and the participants and organizers of the repressions against them will end up in prisons. However, he also calls on Ukraine’s international partners to intervene in the situation: “Do not be afraid to protect these people – be afraid to protect those who plunder Ukraine, who cause outrage among citizens and who imprison those who want to fight for the better future of this state.”

Yehor Sobolev
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