Yehor Soboliev: “Adopting decisions while ignoring the rules results in arbitrariness”

Today, the representatives of the pro-government majority in the Committee on Corruption Prevention proposed not to close the meeting of the committee. In the opinion of Yehor Soboliev – Samopomich deputy in the parliament, former chairman of this committee – this was done in order to be able at any time to make a decision and recommend to the parliament a dependent auditor for the Anti-Corruption Bureau, which will put an end to the independent investigation of Artem Sytnyk’s team.

“The “technology” of “let’s get together whenever we want, and make decisions whenever we want” is a very dangerous one. This is the technology of dictatorial laws, this cannot be tolerated, especially in the parliamentary committee on combating corruption,” he said.

Yehor Soboliev is convinced that when there are rules, there are no opportunities for manipulation: “Decision-making without following rules turns into arbitrariness already at this level. When I headed the committee, I always organized everything according to the rules – meetings, discussions, voting. And now, as an ordinary member of the committee, I will also uphold the rules.”

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