Yehor Soboliev to the President: Are you covering illegal enrichment and high treason?

The Security Service of Ukraine began an investigation into the facts of illegal enrichment established by journalists and the possible ties with Russia of the first deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Semochko. Earlier, the relevant investigation had been launched by the Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

Commenting on the situation, MP Yehor Soboliev of the Samopomich Union faction addressed Petro Poroshenko, who had appointed Semochko to the position in the first place, “You can talk a lot about your patriotism on TV and from billboards, but these are actions, votes or signatures that show the real essence of a politician. There is your signature under the appointment of Semochko, Mr. President.”

However, the President has been silent for two weeks already, pretending that this story has nothing to do with him, even though we are talking about the illegal enrichment of the second highest intelligence officer and his possible connection with the Russian Federation during the war for Ukraine’s independence!

“How can an intelligence officer earn so much money in the time of the war for independence?” Yehor Soboliev is indignant. “The cost of the real estate owned by the people connected with him was estimated by journalists at $7 million.”

Summing up, the people’s deputy once again appeals to the President, “You must give a clear answer – are you covering up the illegal enrichment and the high treason? The answer can only be in actions. In any successful civilized European country, such an official would have long resigned. If he does not do this on his own, he must be suspended from duty at the time of the inspection and brought to justice if the facts are confirmed. Otherwise, this will mean you yourself support illegal enrichment and high treason.”

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