Yehor Soboliev to the Prime Minister: What prevents the government from banning the import of coal from the territory of the invader without resorting to Makhnovism?

During an hour of questions to the Cabinet of Ministers in the parliament, MP Yehor Soboliev asked the head of the government about the issue of stopping financing the occupier country by purchasing coal from them, “Mr. Prime Minister, what prevents your government from banning the import of Russian coal without resorting to Makhnovism? Why do we continue to finance the aggressor?”

Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman once again answered in a pejorative manner that, according to the information of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy, none of the state companies are buying coal from the aggressor country.

“As for the Makhnovism, my deep conviction is that the people’s deputies should read the legislation of Ukraine and be an example of compliance with the norms of the current legislation, instead of showing off with their mandates and immunity. Get rid of your immunity, get rid of the mandate, become equal before the law, just like the Prime Minister of the country who has no immunity, and carry on your public activities,” said Volodymyr Hroisman.

In addition, Yehor Soboliev reminded that the Ministry of Internal Affairs had promised to disclose information about what happened to Yuriy Holuban, who spoke in the Verkhovna Rada wearing uniform of Ukrainian police officer, and was later identified within the traitors of Ukraine from the Vostok battalion.

In response to this question, Deputy Interior Minister Vadym Troyan told Yehor Soboliev that Colonel of Police Yuriy Holuban worked as a commander of the special police squadron of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Donetsk region and had even filed documents to be transferred to the Kyiv region. The Security Service has to provide conclusions whether he is guilty or not.

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